Update: Episode 39 (3/21/16)

Title of today’s episode:  Campaign Update – Hand to hand combat is intense
So, I got the transplant from Connor on Thursday, 3/10 and that went smoothly for both Connor and I.   Pretty much immediately we ran into issues when the following day I spiked a fever and had to be admitted to the hospital.  To make it more fun, I sorta passed out, fell and hit my chest on the pump and my shin on the floor.  Fortunately, they were able to bring the fever under control in a few days and all I was left with was the bumps and bruises.
We continue to press on, stamping out brush fires from having no white blood cells, platelets and nominal red cells, and waiting for them (red, white blood and platelets) to recover.  In the meantime, basically I live on transfusions of platelets and red cells.  We are expecting count recovery to begin in the next week or so, and in the meantime my job is try to exercise, eat (and keep it down) and keep our sanity.  We had fun watching Holy Cross play in the NCAA tournament and have enjoyed many exciting games to date.
Our apartment here in Baltimore is tight, but cozy.  We are so thankful for all the well wishes and prayers from everyone and they continue to sustain us as we slog our way ahead.  Again, thanks to all who’ve offered to help and we’ll work to reach out to those who’ve offered – THANK YOU SO MUCH!
God’s Blessings,
Paul and Terri
PS… Paul’s rendition of his in-patient time is missing some of the more interesting pieces – mostly because he was delirious… we had quite a few very strange conversations that he does’t remember.  And because he wasn’t supposed to get out of bed without aid, I slept in his room for a couple of nights as he would wake up every hour or so and want to get up, the nurse call button and nursing staff were my friends!!  I was very happy when the fever broke and my “Paul” returned.  Now we are working on re-building some strength he can make it about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way from our apartment to the hospital walking pushing his wheelchair and in the wheelchair the balance so he’s getting better!  We spend about 5 to 6 hours a day at the hospital each day to get all the meds and supplements he needs.  

2 thoughts on “Update: Episode 39 (3/21/16)

  1. Paul and Terri – wishing you a speedy recovery as a family!
    Best regards,
    Praveen – Paul’s buddy from AS, Juniper


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