Update: Episode 46 (8/28/16)

Title of today’s episode: Same old, same old….is GREAT!

We had some folks say they hadn’t heard from us in awhile, and we haven’t sent an update because we just have the same update – blood counts continuing to look good, no fevers, hair getting longer, no rashes, feeling good – boring stuff.

BORING?? Yeah right. We continue to be so blessed and grateful for everything. My broken toe is pretty much healed, my foot rash has disappeared and I’m still on the chemo pills as a preventative measure against relapse. I’m walking longer distances, tried a little jogging and continue to try to remember how to hit a golf ball. We got away to the beach for this weekend and had spectacular weather with tons of time watching and listening to the surf – its clearly my happy place (photo of Dudley and Nell happy below).

TP at beach

Life is continuing to be more and more normal. I’ve been back at work full time for a couple of weeks and quickly getting up to speed. The great employment news is Shannon was offered and accepted permanent position at TechChange.Org after just under 3 weeks as a provisional employee. Normally they give new hires 4 weeks to prove themselves, but Shannon was ever the overachiever and sealed the deal early. Connor starts his junior year at GMU tomorrow and now officially is an upperclassman.

The toughest part of the past few weeks was the passing of my cousin Ken. He had been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia which has a really effective treatment. But he had a reaction to the chemo and that led to a series of events that he couldn’t recover from. Ken was a Scoutmaster for 36 years and had 84 boys make Eagle Scout during his tutelage. The outpouring on Facebook and during the memorial services from former and current scouts and the local community was amazing – it showed how one person could make such a difference in so many lives. Ken could always make me laugh, and now his legacy inspires me to help others.

Time marches on – my 6 month post transplant appointment is scheduled for 9/16 so that will be a big milestone. The next few weeks will have lots of needle sticks for blood, marrow and inoculations – it’s all good!

God’s Blessings,

Paul and Terri

Terri’s Postscript: Kenny’s funeral was a huge Fineran family gathering. As often in this type of case it is both heart wrenching and yet bonding. Family from across the country gathered for a final send off to Ken and to support Marie and to be with each other. The Fineran family is large and strong and loving and loud and present – just what you want in these moments!


Update: Episode 45 (7/27/16)

Title of this episode:  Life is good – would be better if I had lost my feet for July!

As we try our best not to melt here in the DMV (that’s District/Maryland/Virginia for non-locals), things are looking good.  My recent counts are almost normal for normal people!  My doctor said she was very pleased with my results and for this we are incredibly blessed.

Regarding the feet…late last month I walked into an ottoman and broke my little toe, and then started a new/old drug that caused a foot rash to re-appear.  Both of them are now doing much better … I’ve been saying I’m thankful just to be able to have to deal with both of them!

So life goes on….Shannon’s been home almost a month, and starts a new job in DC next week.  Connor has another month of vacation before he starts his junior year (yikes) – Terri is great as always. We got to the beach earlier this month and I tried to blend in on the sand with hat, long sleeves and pants, and white socks and Crocs…but I was absolutely fine as long as I was as close to the water as possible! 
I went back to work Monday part time, and will transition to full time in the next few weeks.  Juniper Networks has been terrific through this entire adventure, and I am so grateful for the support they’ve provided.
So we press on, taking day-by-day: including prescriptions, checking my temperature, enjoying my really dark hair, long summer days…the simple pleasures!  We hope you do the same.
God’s Blessings,
Paul and Terri
PS…We are both enjoying the freedom of being able to eat out in restaurants now and then since Paul is able to be around more people these days.  I think he had gone 7 or 8 months between restaurant visits by the time we ventured back out.  So that is a lovely treat.