Update: Episode 47 (10/3/16)

Title of today’s episode:  Snidely is nowhere to be found – hopefully forever (or at least for a long, long time!)
I had my 6 month biopsy a couple of weeks ago and the results are in – NO EVIDENCE OF LEUKEMIA and ALL my blood is from Connor!  This is exactly what we were hoping for, and we are ecstatic with the news.
The other good news is my appointments have been spread out so my next doctor’s visit isn’t till the middle of December.  I do have some blood work in late October, but unless anything happens, that’s it for the rest of the year.  I also don’t have to wear my mask at all.
This new freedom is so wonderful and we are so blessed that my body is responding so well.  Autumn is probably our favorite season, and these development just add to the enjoyment of this time of the year.  We look forward to weekend trips to the beach and Charlottesville VA, and sharing time with friends and family.  I’m helping Terri at ESL this fall as an assistant so its great to be back to volunteering.
We had the honor of talking about our adventure at our church (Crossroads United Methodist Church) yesterday at 9a and 11a.  Terri and I had looked forward to sharing what we’ve learned through this and if anyone wants to see it can watch on line at  http://everydaylifewithgod.org/live_stream.

We hope all of you are doing well and will be enjoying the soon-to-be fall foliage and the wonderful weather of autumn.  Thank you again for the emails, notes, calls and everything you’ve all done to help us get where we are so far, and we look forward to continue to providing news – hoping it continues to be as good as todays!

God’s Blessing,
Paul and Terri
PS.  So as Paul said, the news about him could not be any better.  His doctor has given him a lot more freedoms a lot earlier this time around which gives us confidence, though it is always tempered by the fact that transplants do not come with warranties (we have personal experience with this) and we are taking everyday as it comes.