Update: Episode 48 (11/16/16)

Title of today’s episode:  What a relief!!!

I know…you’re probably thinking this is another note about the election being over, and no more commercials, blah blah blah.  But for me the relief is I made to another birthday – actually it was Wednesday the 9th.  I’ve always said every day is precious, and they are, but birthdays are even mo betta!   (can you tell I lived in Hawaii for 3 1/2 years??).  I’m looking forward to as many as I can get.

I”m continuing to do and feel well.  My last blood test a couple of weeks ago was deemed “fine” by my doctor, and I’ve been doing work around the house.  I got to play some golf last month and Sunday and had a blast.  Playing with me now is kind of like playing with a pretty spry senior citizen – can’t hit it far nor straight but we’ll have a lot if laughs!

I’m taking my first flight this coming week and looking forward to see how air travel has changed in the past year (I’m guessing for the worse but hoping for “status quo”).  We are looking forward to a “road trip” to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving – and more golf!.  I actually enjoy long drives (and this one will be 8 hours) so call me crazy.

We had an amazing experience speaking at our church last month, sharing how the wisdom we’ve developed on our journey has helped us get through it all.   We received some very kind words from many folks and were glad we could do hopefully help some folks going through their own challenges.

After all the craziness from this past week, what I’m so thankful for is the opportunity to live and enjoy each day, and take what ever adventures life throws our way.  

God’s Blessing,
Paul and Terri
Terri’s PS….The weather this Fall has been really cooperative and Paul and I have gotten out several time in his “toy” with the top down to enjoy all the colors God has put into the Fall leaves.  Be sure to take time to pause and enjoy the little things!

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