Update: Episode 50 (3/12/17)

Title of today’s episode:  You know what Spring means – New life sprouting from everywhere!

For those of you thinking “wow, it sure has been a long time since we got any updates” or maybe it was more “it was really nice to get a break from all those emails”, my silence (via this forum) is over.  Most of you know I’m still around since Dec because you’ve: 1) seen me in person; 2) seen pictures of me in Facebook; or 3) seen/talked in other media.

I had my one-year post transplant biopsy on 3/10 and the final results are all in (two weeks can go real slowly at times):

– my blood is 100% donor 2 (my son Connor)

– there is no evidence of leukemia in my bone marrow

– my blood counts were all in/close to normal range

– I have no evidence of a gene mutation I used to have

Net of it all…this is EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE HOPING FOR!!!!  This is huge milestone for us and are so very blessed for this wonderful news.  I am so very proud of my sister Eileen (donor 1) and Connor (donor 2) for providing me the new chances for life and am forever in their debt.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers, well wishes, verbal abuse (I would expect no less) and most of all for the love and support of my beautiful wife, best friend and fellow traveler on this journey.  I’ve said it before and will continue to say I wouldn’t be at this point without her…love you my dear.

It’s still a day at a time, but with this news, I am peeking a little bit more into the future and looking forward to what will come.  We hope to do some traveling, play some golf, and now that I’m off an oral chemo I’ve been taking for over a year, maybe a return of hair to the top of my head (one can always dream).  It’s amazing what faith, medicine, attitude, prayer and plain luck can accomplish…I am LIVING proof!

God’s Blessing,

Paul and Terri

Paul’s PS:  Can’t believe this is the 50th message! As Terri just told me, we’d thought I’d either be dead or Terri would be writing by now.  Glad we were wrong!


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