Update: Episode 59 (5/28/18)

Title of today’s episode: “Pomp and Uncertain Circumstances”.

The “Pomp” applies to our son Connor who graduated from George Mason University last weekend.   Connor worked very hard to complete his studies and join the ranks of those with a Bachelors degree.  Our entire family so very proud of him and all his work that went into this accomplishment.  Well done C-man, well done!!

The “Uncertain Circumstances” refers to what happens next with me.  After completing four rounds of chemo and another bone marrow biopsy, I got the green light and received a Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (DLI) on May 25th from my “Designated Donor” (that would be Connor).  Again, well done C-man, well done!

As we’ve mentioned previously, we need to induce graft vs host disease (GVHD) where Connors’s cells kick the crap out of my cells to annihilate the leukemia cells!  This typically takes several weeks to start, and we don’t know what or how long the side affects will be: likely affect liver or gut or rashes (OH MY)!   We describe it as the campfire you build in the woods, and when you light it you want it to burn, hope it doesn’t burn out of control!

So, we sit and wait. After four and half years of this, I’ve learned to have patience (not really), trust the process and be vigilant of any changes to report to my doctor between my frequent visits.  This is one of the few times you actually HOPE for something lousy to happen!

We continue to get amazing support from everyone and it really helps us meeting these challenges – THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!  We would love to hear from anyone who just can’t get enough of me from these notes 😊.  Enjoy the summer season, remember why today’s a holiday (Memorial Day).   We’ll be making s’mores by that campfire!

God’s blessing,

Paul and Terri


Terri’s PS…Paul came through the DLI feeling good, somewhat tired, but that’s the norm these days.  We decided to head to the beach for a couple of days, but were greeted by a tree limb having pierced our roof.  Fortunately Marta and Mark (Terri’s sister and brother-in law) were able to come down and between the 4 of us Mark got a temporary patch up.  Paul and I head back on Friday to meet the insurance adjuster and possibly a contractor.  Hope this won’t be a long drawn out fix, but we have to rely on “beach” people…..