Update: Episode 65 (1/17/19)

Title of today’s episode:  “Status Quo”
Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  We sure did with one-sies red PJs on most of us Christmas morning and had great visits here at home with friends and families.
I did another round of chemo a couple of weeks ago, and keeping up my vow not to get a port for blood or medicine for as long as I can.  The problem is they need to stick me with an IV pretty much on all my visits now, and the bruising on my arms that results looks like I’m holding the drum for a blindfolded drummer … a small price to pay for the freedom!
We continue our trips to Hopkins to get more “stuff” (chemo, blood, platelets) pumped into me so we can enjoy each day as it comes. As we said before, we’ll keep doing this until conditions dictate we have to go a different path – fortunately I’ve given up trying to control things and am just going with the flow.
Here’s to a bountiful, beautiful and wonderful 2019 for all of us.  Remember what’s important and hold those/that close to your heart.
God’s Blessings,
Paul and Terri

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