Update: Episode 66 (3/1/19)

Title of today’s episode: “It was the best of times and the roughest of times”.
It’s been a busy time for us since the last update.  My apologies for the Dickensian misquote in the title, but that’s what its been like.
As far as the best part, after closely working with my doctors regarding chemo and transfusion schedules, Terri, Shannon, Connor and I were able to make our long planned trip to Hawaii.  We visited Oahu and the Big Island, and I was able to show the gang my old stomping grounds (I spent 3.5 years in early ’80s in Oahu.)  We visited my favorite beaches (Bellows, Sunset, Waikiki), saw my old homes, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery. On to the Big Island where we toured a coffee plantation, checked out a black sand beach and looked into the Kilauea Volcano caldera.
One of most beautiful moments was when we got back from dinner the night we stayed at Kilauea Military Camp where there was no ambient light.  The stars completely filled the sky and it was such an awe-inspiring, moving experience – showing our insignificance in the universe.
One of my challenges was having to wear a giant, heavy mask for the approximately 20+ hours of flight, primarily to fight disease.  It appears not completely successful (as we enter the tough part).  I had a virus and pneumonia and was wiped out for a couple of weeks (including the medicines).  My partner in crime had issues as well so we were a couple of sad sacks.  Good news we are on the mend and feeling much better.
We did shift my next round of chemo to next week to give me more time to recover.  We are still on the same treatment plan, and will be on the alert to when we need to change it up, which will likely be sooner than we hope.  This almost 63 month journey continues with the help from prayer, medicine, support from all of you, and most of all Terri (xoxo).
Finally, our church is having a “Night of Worship” fundraiser in honor of LLS on April 7 at 6pm at Crossroads United Methodist Church at Ashburn, VA.  It will essentially be a concert playing some of our favorite music. We will have a reception (also at the church) afterward so folks can visit with us if they’d like.  Terri and I will be part of the celebration and hope to see you there.  if you can’t make it and feel moved please donate to LLS, a great p\organization that helps fast track new protocols for blood cancers and who are specifically focused on AML, Paul’s type of leukemia.
God’s blessings,
Paul and Terri
Terri’s PS:  I will have a donation url in the next couple of days, haven’t gotten the campaign set up yet.  🙂 . Paul has been such a trooper through pneumonia andpulmonary virus.  The doctor has been impressed with his recovery and not needing to be checked into hospital.  He continues to beat the odds!  Yay!  

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