Update: Episode 67 (3/9/19)

Title of today’s episode: “If there’s a speed bump or pothole out there we will find it…”
Sending this out because you may have heard something and wanted everyone on the same page. As you recall, we are at Hopkins this week getting chemo (week delayed because of illness). On Thursday morning I got up from lying down to answer my cell phone (TURNED OUT TO BE TELEMARKETER – ARRG!!), and apparently got up too quickly and blacked out for a second.  I fell backward and hit my bum and then my head on the floor.
Terri immediately came to my side, told me what happened and started making calls (we were staying next to the hospital for the week).  We were at the hospital within 10 min with a really sore backside and huge bump on my head.
They did a CT scan (I’m really low on platelets) and found I had an acute “subdural hematoma” –  thats bleeding on the brain for us non-medical types.  They immediately admitted me, put me on heart monitoring, and started doing those neurological tests (“squeeze my fingers, push against my hands…”) every four hours and giving me platelet transfusions, using the platelets to try and stop the bleed.  If not stopped, I would start to lose functions beginning with. Since I had low platelets, its inadvisable to do intubations or chest compressions which could just further cause internal bleeding.
We contacted immediate family and Shannon, Connor and local siblings came to visit – thanks to all. I had two subsequent CTs over the next 24 hours that showed the bleeding stopped and the blood receding, and passed all the other tests – Praise God!  It was a very scary day and a half.  Thanks to our church’s prayer group for jumping in and helping us throw it up to God
They’ve kept me in the hospital since, giving me two or three daily infusions of platelets and the occasional red blood cells.  Best we can figure out the cause was I got up too quickly, and with low blood pressure, that caused the blackout portion, with gravity doing the rest.  The great news is I have no head ache, the bump on my has gone down and there’s been no indication of neurological issues (except I’m still a dumb ass some times).  They even restarted the chemo today so things are returning to “normal”.  We should be going home in a couple of days
My bum is still really sore but I’ll take it all things considered!  We got great care from the team at Hopkins and are most appreciative.  Hopefully this will just be ANOTHER blip on the map as we continue on our day by day journey.  Its been quite a week…I’m looking forward to less drama in the near future!
God’s blessing,
Paul and Terri
Terri’s PS…. let’s just say I don’t want to repeat the past few days,  Very scary, but all things considered, Paul has yet again beat the odds and come out the other side.  His strength and calm continue to amaze me!

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